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The academic environment or community; academia.
  1. 'a lifetime in the groves of academe'
  2. 'Significant changes are going to happen in academe regardless of what a faculty or an administration desires.'
  3. 'Student privacy has always been a hot-button issue in academe, and faculty are often on the front lines of this debate.'
  4. 'Thus the decision to leave academe often reflected problems in academia, not irresistible temptations outside.'
  5. 'As a result, their decisions can sometimes disregard the values of academe.'
  6. 'The first two factors are relevant to the advancement of women not only in academe but in the broader society, too.'
  7. 'But when we consider the status of women in academe, we may confront not so much a myth as a glass half empty or half full.'
  8. 'THE GLASS CEILING is firmly intact in academe at the start of the twenty-first century.'
  9. 'Few faculty enter academe with the assumption that students are customers.'
  10. 'These studies, while important, mask individual differences in academe.'
  11. 'The project, based at Pennsylvania State University, focuses on work and family issues in academe.'
((n.) An academy.)


1. the campus activity, life, and interests of a college or university; the academic world.

2. (sometimes initial capital letter) any place of instruction; a school.

3. (initial capital letter) the public grove in Athens in which Plato taught.

4. a person living in, accustomed to, or preferring the environment of a university.

5. a scholarly or pedantic person, especially a teacher or student.


"academes can be in things."

Late 16th century (in the sense ‘academy’): from Latin academia, reinforced by Greek Akadēmos (see academy).

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