Noun Ac Definition and Examples






The chemical element actinium.

    Alternating current.
      Air conditioning.
        Aircraftman or Aircraftwoman.
          Appellation contrôlée.
            Athletic club.
                Before Christ.
                  Companion of the Order of Australia.

                    1. Electricity. alternating current. Ac Chemistry.

                    1. acetate.

                    2. acetyl. Ac Symbol, Chemistry.

                    1. actinium. AC

                    1. Real Estate. air conditioning.

                    2. Electricity. alternating current. ac-

                    1. variant of ad- before c and qu: accede; acquire. -ac

                    1. variant of -ic after Greek noun stems ending in i: cardiac; maniac.


                    "There can be ac tors."
                    "There can be ac parachutists."
                    "There can be ac amsers."
                    "There can be ac activities."
                    "There can be ac actions."
                    "There can be ac acquisitions."
                    "There can be ac acids."
                    "There can be ac accordings."
                    "ac compareds can be to averages."
                    "acs can be to people."
                    "acs can be on thoughts."
                    "acs can be on looks."
                    "acs can be on droughts."
                    "acs can be on contracts."
                    "acs can be in facts."
                    "acs can be for sides."
                    "acs can be for aggressives."
                    "acs can be according to phrases."
                    "acs can champion organizations on dates."
                    "acs can champion organizations in places."
                    "acs can champion organizations in clashes."
                    "acs can help by ways."
                    "acs can help by illustrations."
                    "acs can hand in places."
                    "acs can sort of commitments."
                    "acs can scorn by companies."
                    "acs can fuse in/at/on amps."
                    "acs can champion on dates."
                    "acs can champion in places."
                    "acs can champion in clashes."

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