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Relating to Abyssinia or its people.
  1. 'The specimens include the Abyssinian banana plant from Italy, which is one of the oldest cultivated plants, and the Screwpine - which is native to Madagascar and has in the past been used for weaving and even hut roofs.'
  2. 'The Quraish (the leading tribe of Makkah) sent two emissaries to make a plea before the Abyssinian king, the Negus, to return the refugees back to Quraish.'
  3. 'Piggy the guinea pig… okay, a fancy tricolour Abyssinian guinea pig with splendid tufts of hair, but ultimately a rodent from the pet shop.'
  4. 'Had an Abyssinian slave been in your place, she would have done as much as you!'
  5. 'The corms of these African natives, which the Dutch sometimes call Abyssinian gladioli, should be planted after the last threat of frost is gone.'
  6. 'When the battle ended, the Abyssinian emperor committed suicide.'
  7. 'Because Bredin knows the signs in the territory the chapters dealing with the Abyssinian adventures are first-rate and as gripping as Bruce's original account.'
  8. 'Although not technically imperial policing, the most extreme example of aerial activity against a non-western power came in the Italian - Abyssinian war of 1935-6.'
  9. 'In this production, the troopship is just back in Messina from the Abyssinian campaign of 1936.'
  10. 'Born of an Arab father and an Abyssinian mother, he became early in life the champion warrior and poet of his tribe - the Bani ‘Abs.'


A native of Abyssinia.
  1. 'The Abyssinian and the Arab, the Persian and the Indian, the Turk and the Albanian have very freely intermarried.'
  2. 'In AD 569 an army of Christian Abyssinians besieged Mecca, but was defeated by a mysterious plague that sounds very like smallpox.'
  3. 'It cost about £4 a word, and at one stage, the Abyssinians limited us to 100 words a day.'
  4. 'Gow highlights how the Oromo in exile are faced with the familiar processes of debasement and humiliation of their identity by the Abyssinians - the ruling people of Ethiopia - even in exile.'
  5. 'And I was around the hospital at the time, so I am one of the few, probably the only living witness now, to know that Mussolini used mustard gas, or what was called yperite in those days, against the Abyssinians.'
  6. 'The Italians had attempted to expand in eastern Africa by joining Abyssinia to her conquests, but in 1896, the Italians were heavily defeated by the Abyssinians at the Battle of Adowa.'
A cat of a breed having long ears and short brown hair flecked with grey.
  1. '‘No… no… I want an Abyssinian,’ Alyssa said, her mind made up.'
  2. 'She settled on Burmese and Abyssinians but has bred everything from Somalis to Tonkanese.'
  3. 'Miss Cat is patrolling; Abyssinians, having natural frown lines, tend to look a bit worried but she looks more worried than usual.'
  4. 'Cats in general and at least two breeds in particular - the Egyptian mau and the Abyssinian - are said to have descended from wild cats first domesticated by the Egyptians roughly 4,000 years ago, give or take a few dynasties.'
  5. 'On top of the tooth-ache I'm house- and cat-sitting for my folks for a couple of days and their two Abyssinian kittens, while lovely and absolutely gorgeous, are a handful and very active - going wild every 30 mins or so.'
  6. 'They are also very expensive, which is merely unfortunate since, like intaglios and Abyssinian cats, they are infinitely desirable.'
  7. 'I think I may get a sorrel Abyssinian at the end of August; but I have also been negotiating about a smoke egyptian mau, and this has been very trying.'
  8. 'Meg starts sleeping on the couch with the couple's Abyssinian cats, Belle and Mulan.'
  9. 'Even though he hadn't been born there, his mother, a shorthaired Abyssinian, was living there, having just been acquired by Mague from someone who had given up breeding.'
((n.) A native of Abyssinia.|--|(n.) A member of the Abyssinian Church.|--|)

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