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A title given to the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.
  1. 'The Abuna led a poor life and there were instances when he couldn't even pay his phone bill.'
  2. 'In the Middle Ages the Abuna, or head of the Ethiopian church, was always an Egyptian monk appointed by the Coptic patriarch, but apart from this link Ethiopian Christianity developed largely in isolation and in a distinctive way.'
  3. 'It has been determined that the Abuna is to place the crown and ring upon Her Majesty, without the regal anointing, on the same day of the Emperor's coronation.'
  4. 'Internally, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church won the right to appoint their own Abuna, rather than have the Abuna always be an Egyptian Copt appointed by the Patriarch of Alexandria.'
  5. 'And in her tribute, Simpson Miller remembered Abuna as one with a special commitment to developing the potential of the younger generation.'
((n.) The Patriarch, or head of the Abyssinian Church.)

Amharic, from Arabic 'abūnā ‘our father’.

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