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A person who holds absolute principles in political, philosophical, or theological matters.
  1. 'His most renowned protagonist is an absolutist.'
  2. 'Those absolutists who extol the virtues of free trade without addressing its costs are urging us to build an incomplete trade policy.'
  3. 'If the absolutist wishes to maintain his objection, he must point to some morally relevant difference between positive and negative killing.'
  4. 'She is an absolutist, despising those opportunists who take time out of normal life for a little promiscuity.'
  5. 'I'm by no means any sort of information-wants-to-be-free absolutist.'


Relating to or supporting absolute principles.
  1. 'these claims might strike many people as absolutist and extreme'
  2. 'The growth of royal power led to the development of an absolutist state at the end of the seventeenth century.'
  3. 'Prospero is an inherently unstable combination of Puritan reformer and absolutist ruler of the island.'
  4. 'The inner life of a nation is linked with the modern mass army in a way it could not have been with the absolutist armies of the earlier period.'
  5. 'At the same time, rural interests often take an absolutist view of property rights.'
  6. 'What's missing is the anchoring of endangered species protection within the human and natural economy, rather than within absolutist, moral rhetoric.'


1. the principle or the exercise of complete and unrestricted power in government.

2. any theory holding that values, principles, etc., are absolute and not relative, dependent, or changeable.



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