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The holding of absolute principles in political, philosophical, or theological matters.
  1. 'Yet the German nation did not succeed in shaking off the yoke of absolutism and in establishing democracy and parliamentary government.'
  2. 'As Europe basked in the Enlightenment, Popish superstition and its stablemate monarchical absolutism appeared to be receding into the past.'
  3. 'This absolutism is wrong in principle, and it's also bad politics.'
  4. 'In the very act of rejecting hierarchies of value, relativism constructs a hierarchy, which values its own relativism above any absolutism.'
  5. 'In other words, modernity has become critical of modernism and of its own utopian absolutism.'
  6. 'The linchpin of my argument is the distinction between absolutism, relativism, and pluralism.'
  7. 'Nor should it be thought that Marx's defence of democratic rights only extended to countries in which there was feudal absolutism.'
  8. 'This arrogant spirit of ontological absolutism pervades his essay.'
  9. 'Benedict's experience of Nazism led him to a fear not of absolutism but of totalitarianism, in which authority and truth are divorced.'
  10. 'At the heart of Schiller's play, written two years before the French Revolution, lies a confrontation between absolutism and liberty.'
((n.) The state of being absolute; the system or doctrine of the absolute; the principles or practice of absolute or arbitrary government; despotism.|--|(n.) Doctrine of absolute decrees.|--|)


1. the principle or the exercise of complete and unrestricted power in government.

2. any theory holding that values, principles, etc., are absolute and not relative, dependent, or changeable.


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