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A written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.
  1. 'If one opens the book at random, it is this multitude of references that catches the eye.'
  2. 'So he launched a new company which packaged the software in paperback book format and charged lower prices.'
  3. 'I was a bit discouraged with the rest of the book after such a wonderful introduction.'
  4. 'I opened a book and quickly skimmed information about the first World War.'
  5. 'I get up and stretch out my stiff muscles and take the bookmark and put it in the book on the page I was reading.'
  6. 'The resource books provided are well recognized as being excellent in their area.'
  7. 'Anthologies of writing and small art books will be available for sale online.'
  8. 'Solving an author's puzzles can be one of the most rewarding things about cracking open a book.'
  9. 'When he retired he wrote a book on medical science for lay people and prospective doctors.'
  10. 'Rosie bought me the DVD along with a book on philosophy.'
  11. 'After some serious research he wrote a book on the subject, Ancient Mosaics in Bulgaria.'
  12. 'He has claimed that he never wanted to be a novelist despite the fact the he has published so many books.'
  13. 'I have recently spent many months writing a book on hypnosis for the British Medical Association.'
  14. 'Writing books about how to make a fortune on the Internet seems like a great method.'
  15. 'Tell me about why you write stories and how you came to write a novel rather than a book of short stories.'
  16. 'The book, published in an edition of 6,000 copies on 19 December, sold out in a few days.'
  17. 'Merely getting books published serves little purpose if no one reads them.'
  18. 'I wrote my first book on spec, sent it off to nearly 100 publishers and in six weeks I had my first offer.'
  19. 'She is currently at work on a literary thriller and a book of short stories based on her travels'
  20. 'As the publication dates indicate these books are not the fruit of deep or new research.'
  21. 'He likes classical music and books about people who die and come back to life.'
  22. 'the Book of Genesis'
  23. 'Of course, and that truth is preserved in the 66 books of the Bible, Old and New Testaments.'
  24. 'Bryan never went into a frenzy, nor did he recite the books of the Bible.'
  25. 'There are some books of the Bible whose authors cannot be known completely.'
  26. 'I found the list he had made of the books of the Bible in the drawer of his bedside table.'
  27. 'Of the 42 books of the Bible that Shakespeare drew upon, Ecclesiasticus and Job seem to have been his favourites.'
  28. 'And not only does the book of Proverbs have this potential, but almost all the books of the Bible.'
  29. 'He makes that claim in a short essay on the gospel of Luke in Revelations, a collection of personal responses to books of the Bible.'
  30. 'In the 2nd Century AD the first four books of the New Testament were known as gospels.'
  31. 'Esther is one of the most neglected books of the Old Testament, certainly as far as commentaries are concerned.'
  32. 'There are many commentaries on individual books of the Bible, but the reader who wishes to take a broader view has less choice.'
  33. 'he was so deep in his books he would forget to eat'
  34. 'But he never wallowed in self pity, and rather spent every available moment with his nose stuck deep in his books.'
  35. 'On one of those seemingly endless summer days he was poring over his books in the library.'
  36. 'is your name in the book?'
  37. 'We are not a secret organisation, but out of necessity you will not find us in the book.'
  38. 'New customers who found our number in the book would get the message ‘the number you reached is not in service.’'
  39. 'women's books like Cosmopolitan and Ladies' Home Journal'
  40. 'Their readers nearly always referred to these magazines as 'books'.'
  41. ''I read it in a book.' 'What book?' 'Vogue, that's what book.''
  42. 'she felt every emotion in the book of love'
  43. 'Whether or not ‘long distance’ relationships can work is one of those age-old questions in the book of love.'
A bound set of blank sheets for writing in.
  1. 'She spotted Joel propped up against the wall, reading a thick, leather bound book.'
  2. 'Colouring books can occupy a child quietly for a while.'
  3. 'She also added two leather bound books to the bag, one was blank but the other was full of spells that Olivia might need for the journey to the Wastes.'
  4. 'It's much more difficult to find a coloring book image of a crawdad than one would think.'
  5. 'As the reading went on, a guy sitting down in front of me drew an impressionistic sketch into a handmade blank book.'
  6. 'On his return from the war, he transcribed the diaries into ledger books, filling in gaps from memory.'
  7. 'She reached into one of her few bags, and pulled out a leather bound book, and began to read.'
  8. 'DocSearcher doesn't search my email, my address book entries or my browser history.'
  9. 'As the man walked towards Pierre a man came from the back holding a huge old leather bound book.'
  10. 'He was marking exam papers when by chance he found a blank page in a candidate's answer book.'
  11. 'a bid to balance the books'
  12. 'It is believed that the land was not mentioned in the company's books or records or in the annual accounts.'
  13. 'His proposal has come as council finance chiefs look to balance the books and keep this year's rise in council tax below five per cent.'
  14. 'The money I put in on departure was to balance the books, but reductions in certain areas will be needed.'
  15. 'To help you balance the books for a night at the movies, here is the admission and snack bar breakdown for the five theatres reviewed.'
  16. 'What's more, balance the books properly and you can avoid the perils of going deeper and deeper into debt.'
  17. 'They must sell an expensive player approximately once every 12 months to balance the books.'
  18. 'But now it is understood senior officers say they cannot keep using reserves to balance the books.'
  19. 'Overnight there was a tenfold increase in the valuation put on the city's council homes to balance the books and keep the sell-off on track.'
  20. 'For example, she bases one chapter on account books devoted to the West Indian trade.'
  21. 'He had then tried to juggle the accounts in a desperate bid to balance the books.'
  22. 'his name went into the book for a foul on Smyth'
  23. 'It was the 11 th of the season for a man who is no stranger to the referee's book.'
  24. 'If no one plays a trump, then the highest ranking card to the suit led wins the book.'
A set of tickets, stamps, matches, samples of cloth, etc., bound together.
  1. 'Current rules allow a passenger to carry two lighters and four books of matches.'
  2. 'It's just, when you go out into the woods you should carry a book of matches, or some waterproof matches.'
  3. 'If you feel you can support the club by selling a few books of tickets please don't hesitate to contact any committee or club member.'
  4. 'All completed ticket books and sponsorship should be returned to the organising committee immediately.'
  5. 'Leagues of volunteers will start working the room selling books of Grand Raffle tickets.'
  6. 'It was then that he remembered the book of matches in his pocket, and drew it out.'
  7. 'A book of first class stamps and a letter of apology was the scant compensation offered to a woman who claimed her mail had been stolen.'
  8. 'What to do when you are suddenly faced with a wall of wallpaper sample books at your local retail store?'
  9. 'They have books of pictures and samples that you can look through there, and they can do it all.'
  10. 'He scribbled his address and Com number on the back of a book of matches and gave it to her.'


Reserve (accommodation, a place, etc.); buy (a ticket) in advance.
  1. no object 'book early to avoid disappointment'
  2. 'Regretfully only those who have booked places can be accommodated on this occasion'
  3. 'You can support them by booking your tickets or table at the earliest convenience and ensure you're attending a very special Dream Ball.'
  4. 'By the end of the no-pressure sell, the four other guests had booked a consultation.'
  5. 'The auditorium was packed and places were booked well in advance for this eagerly anticipated show.'
  6. 'Space for bicycles is limited on Scotrail trains, and so book a place in advance.'
  7. 'All welcome to come and view the activities and premises on offer or to book a place for your child.'
  8. 'Excursions can be booked at the guest services desk at the resort.'
  9. 'From November to March its rooms are booked up more quickly than umbrellas turn inside out.'
  10. 'Similar to one week packages in the Canary Islands, all places were booked well in advance.'
  11. 'A little voice at the back of my head is telling me I really should book some accommodation in advance.'
  12. with two objects 'book me a single room at my usual hotel'
  13. 'We'd been booked into The Hotel That Time Forgot.'
  14. 'Around 1,000 guests were flown in on planes chartered from Air India and were booked into two swish hotels.'
  15. 'My boyfriend brought me to London and surprised me by booking us in at the Met Hotel, absolutely stunning and funky place to stay, I loved it!'
  16. 'Until we realised we had been booked into the wrong hotel.'
  17. 'A couple feared for their lives after they were booked into a hotel in what they described as a dangerous drugs ghetto in South Africa.'
  18. 'People travel from far and near and are even booking into local hotels.'
  19. 'On arrival we booked into the hotel and then the festivities began with our annual pre-dive get-together.'
  20. 'We booked into our fleapit hotels and checked out, we got on our buses and got off them again, we signed up on lists and then found that a new list was being drawn up which we were not on.'
  21. 'We booked into the hotel in the next village - an institution that prided itself on its local cuisine.'
  22. 'He said that he would book into a hotel that suited him.'
  23. 'It's not what you expect when you book into a nice hotel.'
  24. 'And rather than face the long walk home, some had chosen to book into hotels in the city centre.'
  25. 'Being pampered, of course, is one of the main reasons why people book into luxury hotels, and it would be churlish to resent it.'
  26. 'The girl's parents called police on August 26 when they discovered she had booked into the Leamington hotel after telling them she was going to stay with a friend.'
  27. 'A snowstorm dominated the news and led to hundreds of people taking time off work or booking into hotels rather than donning their boots to stride through the slush.'
  28. 'the promoter booked him for another appearance'
  29. 'The singer was originally booked for a small concert in Hangzhou on June 12, sponsored by an ice tea company.'
  30. 'Even if they've never heard you speak, the fact that you were booked as a speaker gives you instant credibility.'
  31. 'We've booked a band for the night and some other guest artists will also play.'
  32. 'He has been booked to perform three times this season by Reading, Yeovil and Swindon.'
  33. 'Each month the society holds a concert booking artists from all over the UK and abroad.'
  34. 'So I was surprised when I heard where we had been booked to perform this Patrick's Day - Niagara, the Canadian side.'
  35. 'However the programme for this year is going to be hard to improve on as some of the best artistes in Ireland and abroad are booked to perform.'
  36. 'No, but they can determine whether or not someone should take a risk on booking an artist.'
  37. 'Since then, it has become a popular venue for exhibitions and is booked up until well into 2006.'
  38. 'People can come on the night but it may be booked up so they should book in advance.'
  39. 'Any builder of any worth is booked up from now till kingdom come, and they don't do too badly on the money front either.'
  40. 'And because the doctors' time is being booked up by patients who don't turn up, it means everyone has to wait longer to see their GP.'
  41. 'Every place we'd tried was booked up, so we were getting a bit panicky.'
Make an official note of the personal details of (a person who has broken a law or rule)
  1. 'He was arrested in a San Francisco residence and brought to the San Jose Main Jail where he was booked on several counts of armed robbery.'
  2. 'She was booked on misdemeanor counts of hit-and-run and driving without a valid driver license.'
  3. 'He was also booked for selling alcohol after hours.'
  4. 'Clients who do stop in these areas are often harassed by police by flashing their lights or booking them for traffic offences.'
  5. 'Eventually you'll get booked by the cops and handed a fine.'
  6. 'Nonetheless, officers booked him on charges of theft.'
  7. 'She was booked on a misdemeanor shoplifting charge and released on $600 bail.'
  8. 'After a sobriety test, he was booked on suspicion of two misdemeanor charges'
  9. 'The referee books him for a poorly concealed piece of play-acting.'
  10. 'That is important now, because referees are liable to book players for trivial things.'
  11. 'If players haven't been booked or sent off, or there aren't shenanigans in a game, then it's considered a boring match.'
Leave suddenly.
  1. 'We gotta book—fast.'
  2. 'It was time to book out of here. I jumped onto the bike and started to pedal, heading for the mainland.'
  3. 'my sister and I booked to the playground'
  4. 'He's booking through that park.'
  5. 'We better book if we're gonna go to P.E.'
  6. 'I started booking it due north, trying my best to move as quickly as I could without losing my footing.'
  7. 'She waved bye-bye and booked out of there.'
((n.) An A-B-C book; a primer.)

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