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A person who is expected or required to be present at a place or event but is not.
  1. as modifier 'absentee pupils'
  2. 'A biting wind and swirling snow kept attendance low and meant that the absentees missed an evening of sparkling music from the Duke Ellington Orchestra.'
  3. 'The national target was a 10 per cent drop in the levels of absentees.'
  4. 'He placed absentees under suspension with immediate effect pending inquiry.'
  5. 'If teachers spent much time chasing absentees, it would be at the expense of those pupils who have turned up for lessons.'
  6. 'Asked yesterday why 38 of the party's 163 MPs were not present, Mrs May said the absentees all had ‘good reasons’.'
  7. 'Many were absentees living comfortably in the south.'
  8. 'There were also four Conservative absentees and one Labour.'
  9. 'Of that team, there may be some notable absentees for the England match.'
  10. 'The final score denied Carlow a win they deserved, but given their absentees, they should be very pleased with their second half performance.'
  11. 'Under the new contracts for teachers, they will be entitled to time away from pupils while support staff take on tasks such as collecting dinner money and chasing absentees.'
((n.) One who absents himself from his country, office, post, or duty; especially, a landholder who lives in another country or district than that where his estate is situated; as, an Irish absentee.)


1. a person who is absent, especially from work or school.

2. a person who absents himself or herself, as a landowner who does not live on certain property owned or a voter who is permitted to cast a ballot by mail.


"There can be absentee landlords."
"There can be absentee votes."
"There can be absentee rates."
"There can be absentee behaviours."
"There can be absentee properties."
"There can be absentee owners."
"There can be absentee levels."
"There can be absentee votings."
"There can be absentee pupils."
"There can be absentee landowners."
"There can be absentee hostesses."
"There can be absentee defenders."
"There can be absentee ballotings."
"There can be absentee wives."
"There can be absentee voters."
"There can be absentee vicars."
"There can be absentee tenants."
"There can be absentee soldiers."
"There can be absentee rulers."
"There can be absentee results."

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