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Descend a rock face or other near-vertical surface by using a doubled rope coiled round the body and fixed at a higher point.
  1. 'Last year we got money to spend on playground games, but the bats were soon turned into weapons and the skipping ropes used for abseiling.'
  2. 'Rigging up his rope, Howie ventured out on to the rock face and abseiled down to what we could only assume was a ledge.'
  3. 'Every spring the children in Years 5 and 6 are taken on a residential visit to take part in such activities as rock climbing, abseiling and orienteering etc.'
  4. 'Look what we offer: rock-climbing, abseiling, canoeing.'
  5. 'I love abseiling and rock climbing and I even have a motorbike.'
  6. 'Staff at HSBC, in Parliament Street, York, got their adrenalin pumping by abseiling down the four-storey building.'
  7. 'Seventeen-year-old Jack Kirkby has just returned from a trip to New Zealand, where he has been skiing, taking helicopter rides and even abseiling.'
  8. 'I abseiled frontward down a rock face - never again.'
  9. 'Inspector Kench set up a rope system and abseiled down to rescue the frightened animal, which, to his horror, then tried to escape.'
  10. 'Cleaning the windows of the Arndale tower was previously carried out by window cleaners abseiling down the side of the building, but the hoist system ensures a more efficient and safer job.'


A descent made by abseiling.
  1. 'For the daredevils out there, the charity is also organising a sponsored abseil, with the nearest taking place in Sheffield on the weekend of October 13-14.'
  2. 'Phase one began with a morning abseil down a 45m cylinder at Brisbane's Mount Crosby water treatment facility, followed by rafting in the afternoon.'
  3. 'We climbed back up the cliff face then strapped into our harnesses for the abseil.'
  4. 'She said: ‘It was a combination of believing in the cause and wanting to do something that made me have a go at the abseil.’'
  5. 'The abseil was completed, but we suffered a 30-minute delay due to the abseiling staff pointing us in the wrong direction at the bottom.'
  6. 'The trip was made possible after the group raised more than £18,000, with the help of local businesses, and their own initiatives, such as an abseil from the top of Horwich Fire Station.'
  7. 'Other forthcoming events planned to raise cash for the appeal include a sponsored abseil on May 1 from the 100 ft high WH Smith building in Greenbridge.'
  8. 'I've taken lots of challenges during my radio life but have not done an abseil before.'
  9. 'The caving expedition commenced with an abseil into the Elder cave system then through a gap (the first of many) which looked barely big enough to fit through the battery pack for the head lamps, let alone a whole person.'
  10. 'The Trust, which supports children's healthcare across the North West, has raised more than £5 million since its creation and is hoping the abseil will become a major annual event.'

noun, verb (used without object)

1. rappel.


"There can be abseil points."
"There can be abseil plates."
"There can be abseil tapes."
"There can be abseil stations."
"There can be abseil stances."
"There can be abseil snowstakes."
"There can be abseil rings."
"There can be abseil lines."
"There can be abseil inspections."
"There can be abseil gears."
"There can be abseil equipments."
"There can be abseil descents."
"There can be abseil chains."
"There can be abseil bolts."
"There can be abseil anchors."
"abseils can be with autoblocs."
"abseils can be to platforms."
"abseils can be through holes."
"abseils can be over coves."
"abseils can be off tops."
"abseils can post for routes."
"abseils can lead to tops."
"abseils can be in/at/on summers."

1930s: from German abseilen, from ab ‘down’ + Seil ‘rope’.

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