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(in a system of coordinates) the distance from a point to the vertical or y-axis, measured parallel to the horizontal or x-axis; the x-coordinate.
  1. 'To unify the curves to a single abscissa, we define a nominal maximal velocity for W / T e = 1, [beta] = 1, and y = 4.5.'
  2. 'Plotted on the abscissa of the graph are the incompatibility values or the proportions of informative sites incompatible with the particular clade in the set of artificially generated sequences.'
((n.) One of the elements of reference by which a point, as of a curve, is referred to a system of fixed rectilineal coordinate axes.)

noun, plural abscissas, abscissae[ab-sis-ee]/æbˈsɪs i/(Show IPA). Mathematics.

1. (in plane Cartesian coordinates) the x-coordinate of a point: its distance from the y-axis measured parallel to the x-axis.

Early 17th century (denoting the part of a line between a point on it and the point of intersection with an ordinate): from modern Latin abscissa (linea) ‘cut-off (line)’, feminine past participle of abscindere (see abscission).

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