Noun Aboveboard Definition and Examples




adverb & adjective

Legitimate, honest, and open.
  1. as adverb 'the accountants acted completely above board'
  2. 'But any time we can let the public know that what we're doing is above-board, honest and balanced, it helps our profession in the long run.'
  3. 'Most debt collection agencies run above-board operations, he said, but some business owners have suffered as a result of hard sell tactics used by their less reputable counterparts.'
  4. 'He/she is also obliged to ensure that the title in relation to the property you are about to purchase is in order, and that all legal aspects regarding that title are above-board.'
  5. 'Such language does not change the fact that the therapist largely defines the nature of reality - an arrangement much more obvious and above-board in the less humanistically couched directive therapies.'
  6. 'Of course, as reported in my previous entries in this series, we now have reason to doubt that the peer-review process was above-board in this case.'
  7. 'I have always intended to create this remake in an honest and above-board manner, respecting the copyrights and trademarks involved, so I hope that we will be allowed to proceed with it.'
  8. 'Yet such fidelity and above-board behavior is a rarity.'
  9. 'Again, this is about Ministerial dealings being seen to be above-board - something which Field seems to have a real problem with.'
  10. 'This has been the cleanest, most above-board, most decent Oscar race in years.'
  11. 'The saga of the mayor's proposed East London house has stirred up far more controversy than a supposedly straightforward and above-board transaction deserves.'

adverb, adjective

1. in open sight; without tricks, concealment, or disguise: Their actions are open and aboveboard.



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