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A person who carries out abortions.
  1. 'With no access to legal, safe abortion, they resort to the army of backstreet abortionists.'
  2. 'Australian women, particularly working-class women - unable to pay the high fees that qualified doctors charged for illegal abortions - faced terrible risks at the hands of backyard abortionists, police and official authorities.'
  3. 'A 1923 French law increased penalties for abortion to imprisonment for abortionists and their clients.'
  4. 'It just haunted me that people could get to a place where bombing clinics or shooting abortionists is seen as anything other than an atrocity.'
  5. 'A woman might well conceal her condition for four or five months and procure an abortion, at the actual climax of which the abortionist might be prudently absent.'
  6. 'Throughout the period, many women continued to procure abortions despite the risks, and juries often refused to convict abortionists, indicating continued public acceptance of the practice.'
((n.) One who procures abortion or miscarriage.)

noun, Usually Disparaging.

1. a person who performs or induces abortions, especially illegally.

2. a person who favors or advocates abortion as a right or choice that all women should have.


"abortionists can be in movies."

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