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Carry out or undergo the abortion of (a fetus)
  1. no object 'many doctors assume that women who undergo testing would choose to abort'
  2. 'I am not planning to abort the fetus, if that is what you are asking.'
  3. 'As they continue to fight, Mama reveals that Ruth is pregnant and thinking of aborting the fetus because of lack of money and lack of love from her husband.'
  4. 'Most trisomy fetuses are spontaneously aborted.'
  5. 'The Bill also allows the victims of rape or incest to abort the fetus till 18 weeks.'
  6. 'The disease can cause female bison, cattle, and elk to abort their fetuses.'
  7. 'Remember, too that women with disabilities also choose to have pre-natal screening and may also choose to abort a disabled fetus.'
  8. 'Since it has become possible to determine the sex of a fetus in utero, tens of thousands of female fetuses are aborted every year.'
  9. 'Would it be morally permissible for her to become pregnant with the aim of aborting the embryo immediately?'
  10. 'Did she believe she was killing a baby each time she aborted a fetus?'
  11. 'Medics say the trial - in which embryos were aborted at up to nine weeks old by taking a pill at home - was supported by all the women who took part.'
  12. 'Many of these women aborted not to please themselves, but to preserve relationships: with their mothers, with their families in general, with their boyfriends.'
  13. 'On the phone, he'd said there were any number of reasons a cow might abort - including practically no reason at all.'
  14. 'Some of these women could have aborted, miscarried, and given birth - or any combination of two - in the same year and ended up being counted a couple of times.'
  15. 'One mare aborted in 1998 and developed mastitis, and this mare has experienced premature lactation in the subsequent years.'
  16. 'But the full extent of the problem will not be known until Spring when the Brucellosis will cause pregnant cattle to abort.'
  17. 'The study authors hypothesize an explanation: the reduced availability of krill during the summer feeding season is causing pregnant mothers to abort and calves to die.'
  18. 'My mother told him she would abort, but instead packed up her stuff and ran.'
  19. 'He would have had another baby before my sister, but the girl aborted and didn't tell him.'
  20. 'When she first told me she was pregnant she didn't take my calls for ages then rang out of the blue and said she was aborting.'
  21. 'Double-mutant embryos aborted at various stages of development and no double-mutant seedlings were obtained.'
  22. 'However, in the inbred line 66% of second-ear branches aborted, and no plants had more than two mature ears.'
  23. 'Usually, there are three flowering axillary buds plus a flowering terminal bud; sometimes the terminal bud has aborted and four axillary buds have developed fruits.'
  24. 'Pistils aborting prior to silique formation are indicated with arrows.'
Bring to a premature end because of a problem or fault.
  1. 'At any time, however, if any doubt arises the pilot can abort the drop - caution is considered an asset.'
  2. 'Some folks have reported dramatically lower speeds and others complained of frequent micro-outages causing downloads and other operations to be prematurely aborted.'
  3. 'The pilot had to abort take off because the BA supersonic jet had a ‘glitch’ in the computerised fuel management system which caused one of the four engines to over-accelerate.'
  4. 'The take-off was aborted but 55 people died from smoke and fume inhalation.'
  5. 'If a small bird makes a dent in a plane in flight, the pilot may abort the flight and bring the aircraft back for inspection.'
  6. 'Otherwise, the process will not be initiated or will be aborted prematurely.'
  7. 'Johanson eventually received fuel from a British pilot whose expedition was aborted by bad weather.'
  8. 'In this way, if complications arise during or immediately after the first procedure and the second procedure must be aborted, the patient's most painful knee will have been replaced.'
  9. 'After checking his instruments, the pilot immediately aborted the mission and landed safely.'
  10. 'On May 22, a trial had to be aborted when the jury heard inadmissible evidence by mistake after a garda giving that evidence had failed to hear the judge's order.'


An act of aborting a flight, space mission, or other enterprise.
  1. 'The situation was set up to provide conditions that might closely resemble an actual NASA emergency abort landing.'
  2. 'The contract includes a full-scale reusable system that will provide the capability to test technologies in a launch pad abort situation.'
  3. 'Because of bad timing and aborts, squadrons couldn't find each other.'
  4. 'We have specific steps to abort maneuvers and we practice aborts daily.'
  5. 'A mission abort was a serious issue and considered unacceptable.'
  6. 'Because of the heavy ordnance load, he continued with the takeoff, instead of executing a highspeed abort.'
  7. 'The raid was cancelled when surrender discussions started, but the abort message did not reach the aircraft and 57 out of 100 dropped their bombs before an emergency flare signal was seen.'
  8. 'Most takeoff and landing accidents would never have happened if the pilot had made a timely abort.'
  9. 'If an abort is attempted under such conditions, hydroplaning, which will cause severe control and braking losses, may occur at higher ground roll speeds.'
  10. 'Maj Berge immediately called for an abort during this critical phase of flight.'
  11. 'I've wasted almost a year on an abort'
((n.) An untimely birth.|--|(n.) An aborted offspring.|--|)


I don't want to abort the mission now.

Mid 16th century: from Latin aboriri ‘miscarry’, from ab- ‘away, from’ + oriri ‘be born’.

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