Noun Abnormity Definition and Examples







An abnormal feature, characteristic, or occurrence.
  1. 'Let us consider it carefully before we lay before the world what might prove a structural and aesthetic abnormity.'
  2. 'The asparagus or sweet potato stem occasionally broadens out into a ribbon, and it passes as an abnormity.'
  3. 'Smear tests will still be used to test for abnormities after the HPV vaccine is introduced.'
  4. 'The same author speaks of the nails frequently showing evidences of abnormity in connection with either absence or superabundance of hair.'
  5. 'The first question asks us to decide what type of mind is a potential criminal, or what degree of abnormity a man must have to be a criminal.'
  6. 'Criminal manifestations appear to him to be largely due to physical abnormity or disease.'
((n.) Departure from the ordinary type; irregularity; monstrosity.)

Mid 18th century: from late Latin abnormitas, from abnormis ‘monstrous’, from ab- ‘away, from’ + norma (see norm).

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