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An abnormal feature, characteristic, or occurrence.
  1. 'Several congenital abnormalities are rendered less likely by an adequate folate intake.'
  2. 'Some boys get recurrent urinary infections without any kidney abnormalities.'
  3. 'To allow comparison between sexes, X chromosome abnormalities were concurrently studied in women.'
  4. 'The proportion of neonatal deaths attributed to major genetic or congenital abnormalities has increased.'
  5. 'Some have surgery for abnormalities that would never lead to invasive cancer.'
  6. 'Cervical screening detects abnormalities which, if left untreated, could lead to cervical cancer.'
  7. 'On rare occasions it has been associated with heart rhythm abnormalities and heart attacks.'
  8. 'Hannah was born with multiple abnormalities, including a heart defect, and has learning difficulties.'
  9. 'A postmortem on Mr Taylor revealed no abnormalities with his health and there were no traces of alcohol in his body.'
  10. 'These abnormalities are caused by defects in the genes that tell the cells how to make collagen.'
  11. 'miscarriage can be caused by fetal abnormality'
  12. 'It is correlated with cuticle abnormality, as described further below.'
  13. 'Unexplained knee pain should raise the suspicion of hip abnormality.'
  14. 'Reports from British clinics suggest two or three cases a week relate to foetal abnormality.'
  15. 'One definition of health is the state of an organism functioning normally without disease or abnormality.'
  16. 'Tests showed no signs of illness or abnormality and there was no evidence of illegal drugs in the 52-year-old man's system.'
  17. 'One reason why this is so, might be that our definitions of abnormality are predicated on definitions of normality.'
  18. 'What are the variations in diagnostic tests and interventions for the potential clinical abnormality?'
  19. 'Anyone whose moles showed signs of abnormality was given a letter yesterday to take back to their GP.'
  20. 'They have to discover the root cause of abnormality, help children perform academically, personally and socially.'
  21. 'If blood or urine tests show any abnormality, detailed evaluation is required.'
((n.) The state or quality of being abnormal; variation; irregularity.|--|(n.) Something abnormal.|--|)

noun, plural abnormalities.

1. an abnormal condition, state, or quality; irregularity; deviation.

2. an abnormal thing or event.


"There can be abnormality registries."
"There can be abnormality types."
"There can be abnormality wills."
"There can be abnormality results."
"There can be abnormality registers."
"There can be abnormality leadings."
"There can be abnormality groups."
"abnormalities can be in patients."
"activities can have abnormalities."
"functions can have abnormalities."
"abnormalities can be in golds."
"people/places/organizations can have abnormalities."
"brains can have abnormalities."
"abnormalities can be in places."
"abnormalities can be in metabolisms."
"abnormalities can be in functions."
"abnormalities can be in cells."
"abnormalities can be through sigmoidoscopes."
"abnormalities can be on examinations."
"tolerances can have abnormalities."

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