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The surgical removal of body tissue.
  1. 'All seven patients with diverticula of the CS who were not treated with catheter or surgical ablation eventually died.'
  2. 'Most patients having laser ciliary body ablation need to continue drug treatment.'
  3. 'Radiofrequency ablation is the targeted cautery of cardiac tissue by local application of radiofrequency energy.'
  4. 'Endometrial ablation is the first surgical advance in the treatment of menorrhagia since hysterectomy.'
  5. 'With newer and safer techniques available, hysteroscopic resection procedures for endometrial ablation are being performed less frequently.'
The removal of snow and ice from a glacier or iceberg by melting or evaporation.
  1. 'Thermodynamic processes control the growth and ablation of ice.'
  2. 'It provides an estimate of how much precipitation or temperature change must be invoked to explain the current net ablation of the glacier.'
  3. 'Potassic minerals were degassed with an argon laser probe using step heating or direct ablation of grains on thin rock sections.'
  4. 'It is on actively moving glacier ice covered by rock debris called ablation or surface moraine.'
  5. 'The most effective thermal protection method for single re-entry vehicles was ablation.'
  6. 'Deceleration of meteorites begins high in the atmosphere where the surface of the incoming body heats up to incandescence causing melting and ablation.'
((n.) A carrying or taking away; removal.|--|(n.) Extirpation.|--|(n.) Wearing away; superficial waste.|--|)


1. the removal, especially of organs, abnormal growths, or harmful substances, from the body by mechanical means, as by surgery.

2. the reduction in volume of glacial ice, snow, or névé by the combined processes of melting, evaporation, and calving.Compare alimentation (def 3).

3. Aerospace. erosion of the protective outer surface (ablator) of a spacecraft or missile due to the aerodynamic heating caused by travel at hypersonic speed during reentry through the atmosphere.


"There can be ablation rates."
"There can be ablation experiments."
"There can be ablation deposits."
"There can be ablation coefficients."
"neuroneses can be ablated."
"areas can be ablated."
"epitheliums can be ablated."
"tissues can be ablated."
"surfaces can be ablated."
"solids can be ablated."
"sheets can be ablated."
"releases can be ablated."
"places can be ablated."
"parts can be ablated."
"ovaries can be ablated."
"nerves can be ablated."
"innervations can be ablated."
"implants can be ablated."
"endometriosises can be ablated."
"drugs can be ablated."

Late Middle English (in the general sense ‘taking away, removal’): from late Latin ablatio(n-), from Latin ablat- ‘taken away’, from ab- ‘away’ + lat- ‘carried’ (from the verb ferre).

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