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Encourage or assist (someone) to do something wrong, in particular to commit a crime.
  1. 'Now he had betrayed the hometown people by aiding and abetting their enemies.'
  2. 'Under Section 241 of the Criminal Code of Canada, it is an offence to counsel, aide or abet anyone to commit suicide.'
  3. 'Agents threatened her with being charged with aiding and abetting a criminal.'
  4. 'I feel the police and our judicial system are aiding and abetting a government that makes criminals out of ordinary members of the public.'
  5. 'In a whirl of publicity, abetted by her wily lawyer, Roxie becomes Chicago's latest celebrity.'
  6. 'The second wife, Ella, abetted by a married sister, tries to stand up to George.'
  7. 'He should be tried for aiding and abetting criminals.'
  8. 'Some, in fact, either inadvertently or deliberately, may have been involved in aiding and abetting the terrorists.'
  9. 'The accused, a music critic, was found guilty of abetting a musician to contravene the Aliens Order 1920.'
  10. 'And if they think that his representative is too effective, they can always charge them with aiding and abetting a terrorist.'
  11. 'we are aiding and abetting this illegal traffic'
  12. 'Customarily, I wouldn't report on it, however, I think the Internet will be partially implicated in abetting the crime.'
  13. 'In many cases the police itself is the culprit in aiding and abetting the crime.'
  14. 'It was reported in overseas media that some international tobacco firms have actually been engaged in aiding and abetting cigarette smuggling.'
  15. 'The company is filing suit against banks it had dealings with, alleging they either abetted fraud or received payment at the expense of creditors, allegedly contributing to the collapse of the company.'
  16. 'Publishing or even sharing that information, then, is legally tantamount to abetting theft.'
  17. 'As a journalist, she is under no written or unwritten rules of restraint to aid or abet a felony.'
  18. 'Central banks that have acquiesced in, or abetted, high inflation are practicing a form of financial corruption that eventually leads to financial ruin.'
  19. 'The implication is that business schools are aiding and abetting accounting fraud and other misdeeds by failing to teach their students not to commit crimes.'
  20. 'Is the language of Political Correctness aiding and abetting its proliferation?'
  21. 'The court sentenced the girl to a prison term of five to 10 years for abetting the murder of her former boyfriend by urging her gangster lover to commit the crime.'
((n.) Act of abetting; aid.)

Late Middle English (in the sense ‘urge to do something good or bad’): from Old French abeter, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + beter ‘hound, urge on’.

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