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An act of abdicating or renouncing the throne.
  1. 'His reckless gamble lasted but a Hundred Days, culminating in Waterloo and his second abdication.'
  2. 'On 9 August 1886, he was forced by a group of Russophile Bulgarian officers to sign a statement of abdication.'
  3. 'She became the mistress of Ludwig I in Munich in 1846, an affair which eventually led to the King's abdication in 1848.'
  4. 'It carried off the declaration which has already been made public in the announcement of abdication.'
  5. 'On 22 June, Napoleon signed his second and final abdication.'
  6. 'British troops and armoured cars then surrounded the royal palace and Lampson demanded Farouk's abdication.'
  7. 'Attempting to apprise the mob of Louis-Philippe's abdication, an elderly marshal on a white horse preceded by a trumpeter went unheard.'
  8. 'The first abdication of Napoleon in 1814 had again allowed British tourists into Rome.'
  9. 'The hall was Emperor Qianlong's study after his abdication.'
  10. 'He became King George VI upon the abdication of his brother, King Edward VIII, later duke of Windsor.'
Failure to fulfil a responsibility or duty.
  1. 'The Arizona attorney-general called the situation "a national abdication by the Justice Department."'
  2. 'We have had a complete abdication of responsibility by the Government.'
  3. 'I think the war in Iraq has more to do with the media's abdication of its responsibilities than the deficiencies of our president.'
  4. 'Yet any implication of presidential abdication of the policy formulation role in this sphere is a misconstruction.'
  5. 'Furthermore, we have a deference to authority that amounts to an abdication of individual responsibility.'
  6. 'It is also part of an ever-growing abdication of responsibility on the part of our political leaders.'
  7. 'To equivocate in the face of it would be an absolute abdication of intellectual responsibility.'
  8. 'What we are really witnessing is an abdication of responsibility on the part of European governments for the implementation of a potentially beneficial technology.'
  9. 'Garrow offers three basic reasons why he thinks Justice Blackmun is guilty of "a scandalous abdication of judicial responsibility."'
  10. 'The state, on its part, has been impartial in its abdication of responsibility with regard to women of all communities.'
((n.) The act of abdicating; the renunciation of a high office, dignity, or trust, by its holder; commonly the voluntary renunciation of sovereign power; as, abdication of the throne, government, power, authority.)


1. the act or state of abdicating; renunciation.


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"abdications can be over princes."
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