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Shorten (a word, phrase, or text)
  1. 'Here we greatly abbreviate our summary of the book to focus on its limitations.'
  2. 'In order to save typing, many people will abbreviate common words and phrases.'
  3. 'Such an establishment was called a café concert or café conc’ (be careful not to abbreviate it further).'
  4. 'When there are lots of documents to be signed, I choose to abbreviate my signature.'
  5. 'I wish subtitles didn't have to abbreviate the dialogue though.'
  6. 'Around this time she met the famous photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson and abbreviated her name to Dora Maar.'
  7. 'Due to the large numbers of those indicted, the court clerks eventually tired of writing the charge in full and began to abbreviate it.'
  8. '‘You are so used to abbreviating things, you just start doing it unconsciously on schoolwork and reports and other things,’ said a student in New Jersey.'
  9. 'I decided to abbreviate my stay in Cambridge'
  10. 'Testing can also be abbreviated if early success is obvious in a serious disease with no other good treatment.'
  11. 'Our military decision-making process was abbreviated.'
  12. 'His third pro season, 2010-11, also saw him gravely injured, and 2012-13 was abbreviated by the lockout.'
  13. 'The laparotomy was abbreviated because the patient was quite unstable intraoperatively.'
  14. 'After being told by producers that a match would run long, abbreviating the Evening News, he mysteriously found someplace better to be, thus leaving the network with more than six minutes of dead air.'
((n.) An abridgment.)


We abbreviate Sunday to Sun.

Late Middle English: from late Latin abbreviat- ‘shortened’, from the verb abbreviare, from Latin brevis ‘short’.

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