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A slaughterhouse.
  1. 'Many are slaughtered for pet food or sold to continental abattoirs.'
  2. 'The company wants to build a packing facility for the meat from pigs slaughtered at its abattoir in the village.'
  3. 'However, the most iniquitous means of reducing the price is the dressing specification adopted by abattoirs.'
  4. 'The sale of meat from an animal not slaughtered in an abattoir is also illegal.'
  5. 'Both pathogens can colonise the intestines of beef cattle and get into the food chain during slaughter at the abattoir.'
  6. 'Widespread closure of abattoirs has already disrupted the supply chain.'
  7. 'We have the ability to source direct from local farms using local abattoirs and we do that wherever we can.'
  8. 'The 29-month-old animal was slaughtered in an abattoir in Wales last November and put into the food chain.'
  9. 'The pigs are raised locally, slaughtered in a local abattoir and processed locally.'
  10. 'This led the company to convert a part of the abattoir to slaughter small stock.'
((n.) A public slaughterhouse for cattle, sheep, etc.)


1. a slaughterhouse.


"There can be abattoir standards."
"There can be abattoir operators."
"There can be abattoir risks."
"There can be abattoir reports."
"There can be abattoir practices."
"There can be abattoir people."
"There can be abattoir dangers."
"There can be abattoir controls."
"There can be abattoir wastes."
"There can be abattoir stills."
"There can be abattoir prices."
"There can be abattoir permits."
"There can be abattoir owners."
"There can be abattoir operations."
"There can be abattoir industries."
"There can be abattoir hygienes."
"There can be abattoir employees."
"There can be abattoir conversions."
"There can be abattoir conditions."
"There can be abattoir closures."

Early 19th century: from French, from abattre ‘to fell’.

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