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A simple device for calculating, consisting of a frame with rows of wires or grooves along which beads are slid.
  1. 'The Akkadians invented the abacus as a tool for counting and they developed somewhat clumsy methods of arithmetic.'
  2. 'In the end, a computer is nothing more than a complicated abacus.'
  3. 'An abacus with 5 beads per wire will do quite nicely.'
  4. 'A young man sat against the wall doing calculation with an abacus and recording data onto paper.'
  5. 'If we could build a fully functioning quantum computer, it would represent an advance on the traditional electronic computer as big as the electronic computer represents over the abacus.'
  6. 'At the same time, there has been a revival of interest in the ancient methods of calculation, especially the use of simple and unsophisticated gadgets such as the abacus.'
  7. 'They also had traditional toys such as an abacus, building bricks and fridge magnet numbers.'
  8. 'The new system may be simpler but you still need an abacus to work it out.'
  9. 'The imported toys on show at the ongoing exhibition range from fighters, space-ships and battle-ships and building-blocks to abacuses.'
  10. 'An older method was to use a counting frame such as the abacus.'
The flat slab on top of a capital, supporting the architrave.
  1. 'The abacus is between the architrave and the aechinus in the capital.'
  2. 'The waterleaf is a broad, unribbed, tapering leaf curving up towards the angle of the abacus and turned in at the top.'
((n.) A table or tray strewn with sand, anciently used for drawing, calculating, etc.|--|(n.) A calculating table or frame; an instrument for performing arithmetical calculations by balls sliding on wires, or counters in grooves, the lowest line representing units, the second line, tens, etc. It is still employed in China.|--|(n.) The uppermost member or division of the capital of a column, immediately under the architrave. See Column.|--|(n.) A tablet, panel, or compartment in ornamented or mosaic work.|--|(n.) A board, tray, or table, divided into perforated compartments, for holding cups, bottles, or the like; a kind of cupboard, buffet, or sideboard.|--|)

noun, plural abacuses, abaci[ab-uh-sahy, -kahy, uh-bak-ahy]/ˈæb əˌsaɪ, -ˌkaɪ, əˈbæk aɪ/(Show IPA)

1. a device for making arithmetic calculations, consisting of a frame set with rods on which balls or beads are moved.

2. Architecture. a slab forming the top of the capital of a column.


"abacuses can be between volutes."

Late Middle English (denoting a board strewn with sand on which to draw figures): from Latin, from Greek abax, abak- ‘slab, drawing board’, of Semitic origin; probably related to Hebrew 'āḇāq ‘dust’.

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