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A frame shaped like a capital letter A.
  1. 'We followed in the footsteps of the crew along the flying walkway, passing under a large A-frame that supported the foremast.'
  2. '‘I got the nurses to put one of those A-frames over the bed, and I tried to reach it, but I couldn't get there,’ Simon says.'
  3. 'Obstacles include jumping through a hanging tire, scaling planks, running up and down an A-frame, and other challenges.'
  4. 'Although it seems high to many handlers, the A-frame is the best obstacle to begin training.'
  5. 'Team members have to move the frame with another person standing on the bar of the A-frame, by loosening and pulling on ropes at different times.'
  6. 'For launch from the mother ship the ship's own launch hoists can be used or alternatively an A-frame can be set up on the mother ship in under twelve hours.'
  7. 'Using a horse, some rope, and their stile as an A-frame for leverage, they were able to open up the chambered tomb.'
  8. 'In a year or so an A-frame that accommodates three or four families in style will be built on the site.'
  9. 'Small A-frame houses, Russian orthodox churches, and many new wooden buildings went up as Russians settled the area in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.'
  10. 'It was a modified A-frame at that point, the peak of the roof standing some eight meters from the ground, the top half above the porch roof all glass.'
  11. 'The A-frame house was the product of two years hard work; a test of the construction techniques used for the other buildings around the growing community.'


1. any upright, rigid supporting frame in the form of a triangle or an inverted V , as V .

2. a building constructed principally of such a frame, with a steep gabled roof resting directly on a foundation.


"There can be a-frame hutchs."
"a-frames can be to uprights."
"a-frames can be into chambers."



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