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1. any state, circumstance, opportunity, or means specially favorable to success, interest, or any desired end: the advantage of a good education.

2. benefit; gain; profit: It will be to his advantage to learn Chinese before going to China.

3. superiority or ascendancy (often followed by over or of): His height gave him an advantage over his opponent.

4. a position of superiority (often followed by over or of): their advantage in experienced players.

5. Tennis. the first point scored after deuce. verb (used with object), advantaged, advantaging.

6. to be of service to; yield profit or gain to; benefit.

7. to cause to advance; further; promote: Such action will advantage our cause.

8. to prove beneficial to; profit: It would advantage him to work harder. Idioms

9. have the advantage of, to be in a superior or advantageous position; possess an advantage over: By virtue of independent wealth, he has the advantage of his opponents. 10. take advantage of, to make use of for gain: to take advantage of an opportunity. to impose upon, especially unfairly, as by exploiting a weakness: to take advantage of someone. 1

1. to advantage, to good effect; advantageously: The paintings were arranged to advantage on one wall.


"There can be advantage lines."
"There can be advantage groups."
"There can be advantage systems."
"There can be advantage learnings."
"There can be advantage importerses."
"There can be advantage accounts."
"There can be advantage vis-a-vises."
"There can be advantage resources."
"There can be advantage people/places/organizations."
"There can be advantage ots."
"There can be advantage lives."
"There can be advantage helps."
"There can be advantage healths."
"There can be advantage gains."
"There can be advantage derivings."
"There can be advantage cards."
"There can be advantage beatings."
"There can be advantage wilts."
"There can be advantage whiles."
"There can be advantage stills."

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