Noun Adultery Definition and Examples




noun, plural adulteries.

1. voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse.


"There can be adultery charges."
"There can be adultery controversies."
"There can be adultery songs."
"There can be adultery reports."
"There can be adultery innits."
"There can be adultery departments."
"There can be adultery confessions."
"There can be adultery cases."
"There can be adultery acts."
"adulteries can be among staffs."
"adulteries can be among males."
"adulteries can be with people."
"adulteries can be in trials."
"adulteries can be for things."
"adulteries can be by itselfs."
"adulteries can be with things."
"adulteries can be with places."
"adulteries can be with people/places/organizations."
"adulteries can be with lovers."
"adulteries can be with husbands."

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