Noun Admittance Definition and Examples





1. permission or right to enter: admittance into the exhibit room.

2. an act of admitting.

3. actual entrance.

4. Electricity. the measure of the ability of a circuit to conduct an alternating current, consisting of two components, conductance and susceptance; the reciprocal of impedance, expressed in mhos. Symbol:Y.


"There can be admittance rooms."
"There can be admittance procedures."
"countries can have admittances."
"admittances can be to places."
"admittances can be to people/places/organizations."
"admittances can be to organisations."
"admittances can be to assemblies."
"people/places/organizations can have admittances."
"admittances can be with places."
"admittances can be with injuries."
"admittances can be to worlds."
"admittances can be to nations."
"admittances can be to institutions."
"admittances can be to groupings."
"admittances can be to groups."
"admittances can be to exchanges."
"admittances can be to churches."
"admittances can be to castles."
"admittances can be to afterlifes."
"sensations can have admittances."

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