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1. the act of allowing to enter; entrance granted by permission, by provision or existence of pecuniary means, or by the removal of obstacles: the admission of aliens into a country.

2. right or permission to enter: granting admission to the rare books room.

3. the price paid for entrance, as to a theater or ball park.

4. an act or condition of being received or accepted in a position, profession, occupation, or office; appointment: admission to the bar.

5. confession of a charge, an error, or a crime; acknowledgment: His admission of the theft solved the mystery.

6. an acknowledgment of the truth of something.

7. a point or statement admitted; concession.


"There can be admissions tutors."
"There can be admissions procedures."
"There can be admissions criteria."
"There can be admissions authorities."
"There can be admissions systems."
"There can be admissions officers."
"There can be admissions decisions."
"There can be admissions works."
"There can be admissions units."
"There can be admissions taking places."
"There can be admissions standards."
"There can be admissions sections."
"There can be admissions reports."
"There can be admissions regimes."
"There can be admissions processes."
"There can be admissions people."
"There can be admissions offices."
"There can be admissions managements."
"There can be admissions limits."
"There can be admissions clinics."
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"admissionses can rise in/at/on percents."
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"admissionses can come in/at/on months."
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"admissionses can show in numbers."
"admissionses can stop in/at/on decades."
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"admissionses can stick in throats."
"admissionses can stem from marijuanas."
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