Noun Adhesion Definition and Examples





1. the act or state of adhering; state of being adhered or united: the adhesion of parts united by growth.

2. steady or devoted attachment, support, etc.; adherence.

3. assent; concurrence.

4. Physics. the molecular force of attraction in the area of contact between unlike bodies that acts to hold them together.Compare cohesion (def 2).

5. Pathology. the abnormal union of adjacent tissues. the tissue involved.

6. Botany. the union of normally separate parts.

7. Railroads. the frictional resistance of rails to the tendency of driving wheels to slip. factor of adhesion.


"There can be adhesion problems."
"There can be adhesion interactions."
"There can be adhesion assays."
"There can be adhesion studies."
"There can be adhesion mechanisms."
"There can be adhesion formations."
"There can be adhesion events."
"There can be adhesion cascades."
"There can be adhesion variceses."
"There can be adhesion sites."
"There can be adhesion signals."
"There can be adhesion resolves."
"There can be adhesion preventions."
"There can be adhesion functions."
"cells can have adhesions."
"adhesions can be to people/places/organizations."
"organizations can have adhesions."
"adhesions can be to collagens."
"adhesions can be to matrices."
"subsets can have adhesions."

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