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noun, plural adenomas, adenomata[ad-n-oh-muh-tuh]/ˌæd nˈoʊ mə tə/(Show IPA). Pathology.

1. a benign tumor originating in a secretory gland.

2. a benign tumor of glandlike structure.


"There can be adenoma buds."
"There can be adenoma stages."
"There can be adenoma removals."
"There can be adenoma recurrences."
"There can be adenoma controls."
"There can be adenoma cells."
"adenomas can be in cases."
"adenomas can be including cancers."
"adenomas can be in patients."
"adenomas can be in pancreases."
"adenomas can be in insulinomases."
"adenomas can be in hyperplasias."
"adenomas can be in groups."
"adenomas can be in glucagonomas."
"adenomas can be in cancers."
"adenomas can be in bowels."
"adenomas can be from patients."
"adenomas can be according to criteria."
"adenomas can develop in regions."
"adenomas can occur with people/places/organizations."
"adenomas can occur throughout trees."
"adenomas can occur in patients."
"adenomas can occur after polypectomies."
"adenomas can increase in prevalences."
"adenomas can increase in multiplicities."
"adenomas can develop in parts."
"adenomas can develop in lives."
"adenomas can develop in compartments."
"adenomas can appear in parts."

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