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1. a speech or written statement, usually formal, directed to a particular group of persons: the president's address on the state of the economy.

2. a direction as to the intended recipient, written on or attached to a piece of mail.

3. the place or the name of the place where a person, organization, or the like is located or may be reached: What is your address when you're in Des Moines?

4. manner of speaking to persons; personal bearing in conversation.

5. skillful and expeditious management; ready skill; dispatch: to handle a matter with address.

6. Computers. a label, as an integer, symbol, or other set of characters, designating a location, register, etc., where information is stored in computer memory. a set of characters designating an email account: Her email address ends in “.net,” not “.com.”. a set of characters designating the location of a website or a particular computer or other device on a network: He visits that website so often that its complete address comes up whenever he types its first letter into the address bar.See also URL.

7. Government. a request to the executive by the legislature to remove a judge for unfitness.

8. Usually, addresses. attentions paid by a suitor or lover; courtship.

9. (usually initial capital letter) the reply to the king's speech in the English Parliament. 10. Obsolete. preparation. verb (used with object), addressed, addressing. 1

1. to direct a speech or written statement to: to address an assembly. 1

2. to use a specified form or title in speaking or writing to: Address the president as “Mr. President.”. 1

3. to direct to the attention: He addressed his remarks to the lawyers in the audience. 1

4. to apply in speech (used reflexively, usually followed by to): He addressed himself to the leader. 1

5. to deal with or discuss: to address the issues. 1

6. to put the directions for delivery on: to address a letter. 1

7. Commerce. to consign or entrust to the care of another, as agent or factor. 1

8. to direct the energy or efforts of (usually followed by to): He addressed himself to the task. 1

9. to direct (data) to a specified location in an electronic computer. 20. Golf. to take a stance and place the head of the club behind (the ball) preparatory to hitting it. 2

1. Obsolete. to woo; court. 2

2. Archaic. to give direction to; aim. 2

3. Obsolete. to prepare. verb (used without object), addressed or addrest, addressing. Obsolete. 2

4. to make an appeal. 2

5. to make preparations.


"There can be address systems."
"There can be address names."
"There can be address issues."
"There can be address positions."
"There can be address problems."
"There can be address nations."
"There can be address concerns."
"There can be address lists."
"There can be address labels."
"There can be address expansions."
"There can be address congresses."
"There can be address broadcasts."
"There can be address parliaments."
"There can be address codes."
"There can be address registrations."
"There can be address markings."
"There can be address lines."
"There can be address healths."
"There can be address details."
"There can be address candylands."
"addresses can contain messages throughout worlds."
"addresses can press breakfasts on places."
"addresses can press breakfasts at hotels."
"addresses can pursue agreements in people/places/organizations."
"addresses can notify meanses to tenants."
"addresses can notify meanses to landlords."
"addresses can notify meanses for services."
"addresses can notify meanses for purposes."
"addresses can have impacts on trades."
"addresses can transition issues such as intents."
"addresses can transition issues such as comments."
"addresses can transition issues such as certainties."
"addresses can transition issues such as approvals."
"addresses can send signals for people."
"addresses can send signals for efforts."
"addresses can send mails to addresses."
"addresses can see people in/at/on dates."
"addresses can secure supports for reforms."
"addresses can secure supports for reductions."
"addresses can secure supports for privatisations."

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