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noun, plural addenda[uh-den-duh]/əˈdɛn də/(Show IPA), for 1, 2; addendums for


1. a thing to be added; an addition.

2. an appendix to a book.

3. Machinery. the radial distance between the tip of a gear tooth and the pitch circle of a gear or the pitch line of a rack.Compare dedendum. Also called addendum circle. an imaginary circle touching the tips of the teeth on a gear.


"There can be addendum sheets."
"There can be addendum erms."
"There can be addendum dulies."
"There can be addendum characteristics."
"addenda can be to treaties."
"addenda can be with jobs."
"addenda can be to statements."
"addenda can be to speeches."
"addenda can be to letters."
"addenda can be to words."
"addenda can be to rulings."
"addenda can be to releases."
"addenda can be to outlines."
"addenda can be to odes."
"addenda can be to laws."
"addenda can be to deliverances."
"addenda can be to declarations."
"addenda can be to deals."
"addenda can be to catalogues."
"addenda can be to budgets."

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