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1. a person or thing that adapts.

2. a connector for joining parts or devices having different sizes, designs, etc., enabling them to be fitted or to work together. Also called plug adapter, adapter plug. a device that connects an electrical plug to an outlet that has a different plug shape: Last time I traveled, I brought the wrong adapter. Also called AC adapter, power adapter. a device with a cord that plugs into an electrical outlet and functions as an external power supply for a small or portable electronic device, usually converting AC current to DC: I forgot to plug in the adapter, and my laptop died.

3. an accessory to convert a machine, tool, or part to a new or modified use.

4. Computers. expansion card. an external device containing the necessary circuitry to connect to or work with another device or system: a network adapter; a wireless adapter; a video adapter.


"There can be adapter kits."
"There can be adapter cups."
"There can be adapter sequences."
"There can be adapter prices."
"There can be adapter leads."
"adapters can be with parts."
"adapters can be with connector pins."
"services can have adapters."
"adapters can be in suitcases."
"adapters can be in boards."
"adapters can be from people/places/organizations."
"adapters can be from organizations."
"adapters can be for notebooks."
"adapters can be for lines."
"adapters can be for cosmonauts."
"adapters can be for computers."
"adapters can be for broadcastings."
"adapters can be for appliances."
"adapters can be at airports."

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