Noun Adage Definition and Examples





1. a traditional saying expressing a common experience or observation; proverb.


"There can be adage times."
"There can be adage safeties."
"There can be adage plans."
"There can be adage people."
"There can be adage measures."
"There can be adage horses."
"There can be adage garbages."
"There can be adage exports."
"lies can have adages."
"flights can have adages."
"adages can be in times."
"adages can be at credits."
"adages can be about things."
"adages can be with computers."
"adages can be until nows."
"adages can be per cents."
"adages can be out of sights."
"adages can be out of minds."
"worlds can have adages."
"statistics can have adages."

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