Noun Acupuncture Definition and Examples





1. a Chinese medical practice or procedure that treats illness or provides local anesthesia by the insertion of needles at specified sites of the body. verb (used with object), acupunctured, acupuncturing.

2. to perform acupuncture on.


"There can be acupuncture meridians."
"There can be acupuncture analgesias."
"There can be acupuncture studies."
"There can be acupuncture needles."
"There can be acupuncture works."
"There can be acupuncture wards."
"There can be acupuncture treatments."
"There can be acupuncture techniques."
"There can be acupuncture centres."
"There can be acupuncture books."
"acupunctures can be on elbows."
"acupunctures can be in studies."
"acupunctures can be in places."
"acupunctures can be in pains."
"acupunctures can be in conjunctions."
"acupunctures can be for pets."
"acupunctures can be for elbows."
"acupunctures can be during labours."
"acupunctures can be at surgeries."
"acupunctures can be at hzs."

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