Noun Accomplice Definition and Examples





1. a person who knowingly helps another in a crime or wrongdoing, often as a subordinate.


"There can be accomplice stills."
"There can be accomplice roles."
"There can be accomplice lees."
"There can be accomplice lams."
"There can be accomplice kidnappings."
"There can be accomplice indemnities."
"There can be accomplice frenchmans."
"There can be accomplice evidences."
"people can have accomplices."
"people/places/organizations can have accomplices."
"accomplices can be to arrests."
"accomplices can be in abductions."
"accomplices can be to murders."
"accomplices can be to frauds."
"bombers can have accomplices."
"accomplices can be in murders."
"accomplices can be to transfers."
"accomplices can be to things."
"accomplices can be to swindles."
"accomplices can be to people/places/organizations."

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