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noun, plural acanthuses, acanthi[uh-kan-thahy]/əˈkæn θaɪ/(Show IPA)

1. any of several plants of the genus Acanthus, of the Mediterranean region, having spiny or toothed leaves and showy, white or purplish flowers.Compare acanthus family.

2. an architectural ornament, as in the Corinthian capital, resembling the leaves of this plant.


"There can be acanthus leaves."
"There can be acanthus spinosuses."
"There can be acanthus foliages."
"There can be acanthus decorations."
"There can be acanthus sprays."
"There can be acanthus spinosises."
"There can be acanthus patterns."
"There can be acanthus motifs."
"There can be acanthus leaves."
"There can be acanthus dioscoridises."

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