Noun Abstraction Definition and Examples





1. an abstract or general idea or term.

2. the act of considering something as a general quality or characteristic, apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances.

3. an impractical idea; something visionary and unrealistic.

4. the act of taking away or separating; withdrawal: The sensation of cold is due to the abstraction of heat from our bodies.

5. secret removal, especially theft.

6. absent-mindedness; inattention; mental absorption.

7. Fine Arts. the abstract qualities or characteristics of a work of art. a work of art, especially a nonrepresentational one, stressing formal relationships.


"There can be abstraction truths."
"There can be abstraction licensings."
"There can be abstraction bans."
"There can be abstraction aristocracies."
"waters can be abstracted."
"systems can be abstracted."
"processes can be abstracted."
"abstractions can be from rivers."
"abstractions can be on bases."
"properties can be abstracted."
"people/places/organizations can be abstracted."
"people can be abstracted."
"drainages can be abstracted."
"abstractions can be from sets."
"abstractions can be from realities."
"abstractions can be from people/places/organizations."
"abstractions can be to users."
"abstractions can be to things."
"abstractions can be to machines."
"abstractions can be to levels."
"abstractions can surround people at places."
"abstractions can make ways for strengths."
"abstractions can make ways for seriousnesses."
"abstractions can be requirements for accuseds."
"abstractions can arouse incomprehensions in spectators."
"abstractions can work in schools."
"abstractions can surround during times."
"abstractions can surround at places."
"abstractions can make for strengths."
"abstractions can make for seriousnesses."
"abstractions can lead to reformulations."
"abstractions can invest in zincs."
"abstractions can increase by per cents."
"abstractions can go to people/places/organizations."
"abstractions can end with functions."
"abstractions can develop in manners."
"abstractions can develop in courses."
"abstractions can develop as s."
"abstractions can begin with principles."
"abstractions can begin with codes."

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