Noun Abstinence Definition and Examples





1. forbearance from any indulgence of appetite, especially from the use of alcoholic beverages: total abstinence.

2. any self-restraint, self-denial, or forbearance.

3. Economics. the conserving of current income in order to build up capital or savings.

4. the state of being without a drug, as alcohol or heroin, on which one is dependent.


"There can be abstinence pledges."
"There can be abstinence movements."
"There can be abstinence lasts."
"There can be abstinence elements."
"There can be abstinence crusades."
"There can be abstinence associations."
"abstinences can be from substances."
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"abstinences can be over marriages."
"years can have abstinences."
"buyers can have abstinences."
"abstinences can be in people."
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"abstinences can be from works."
"abstinences can be from sweeteners."
"abstinences can be from spheres."
"abstinences can be from sleeps."
"abstinences can be from sexes."
"abstinences can be from processes."
"abstinences can be from porks."

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