Noun Abstention Definition and Examples





1. an act or instance of abstaining.

2. withholding of a vote.


"There can be abstention votes."
"There can be abstention systems."
"There can be abstention figures."
"abstentions can be in favours."
"abstentions can be to proceedings."
"abstentions can be in ballots."
"members can have abstentions."
"magistrates can have abstentions."
"democrats can have abstentions."
"abstentions can be in votes."
"abstentions can be in senates."
"abstentions can be in chambers."
"abstentions can be from votes."
"abstentions can be for phases."
"abstentions can be at meetings."
"abstentions can be among electorates."
"abstentions can be to people/places/organizations."
"abstentions can be out of votes."
"abstentions can be on sides."
"abstentions can be on places."
"abstentions can help leaders on dates."
"abstentions can help leaders in cities."
"abstentions can cause concerns in places."
"abstentions can split in coalitions."
"abstentions can help on dates."
"abstentions can help in cities."
"abstentions can count under rules."
"abstentions can count in favours."
"abstentions can count as votes."
"abstentions can contribute to successes."
"abstentions can contribute to defeats."
"abstentions can cause in places."
"abstentions can be because of views."
"abstentions can amount to percents."

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