Noun Absenteeism Definition and Examples





1. frequent or habitual absence from work, school, etc.: rising absenteeism in the industry.

2. the practice of being an absentee landlord.


"There can be absenteeism penalties."
"There can be absenteeism policies."
"There can be absenteeism levels."
"There can be absenteeism willbes."
"There can be absenteeism studies."
"There can be absenteeism recordings."
"There can be absenteeism problems."
"There can be absenteeism delays."
"There can be absenteeism covers."
"absenteeisms can be in industries."
"workforces can have absenteeisms."
"individuals can have absenteeisms."
"absenteeisms can be in companies."
"absenteeisms can be through sicknesses."
"absenteeisms can be on people/places/organizations."
"absenteeisms can be on mornings."
"absenteeisms can be in sectors."
"absenteeisms can be in plants."
"absenteeisms can be during talks."
"absenteeisms can be by reductions."

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