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1. Military. a turn of 180° from the position of attention.

2. a complete, sudden change in position, direction, principle, attitude, etc.: They've done an about-face in their foreign policy. verb (used without object), about-faced, about-facing.

3. to execute an about face.

4. to turn in the opposite direction.

5. to switch to an opposite opinion.


"There can be about-face backs."
"about-faces can be for organizations."
"about-faces can be over tolls."
"about-faces can be on fundings."
"about-faces can be on dates."
"about-faces can be for people/places/organizations."
"about-faces can be on extraditions."
"about-faces can be in sessions."
"about-faces can be in policies."
"about-faces can be in offices."
"about-faces can be in markets."
"about-faces can be from tightenings."
"about-faces can be from predictions."
"about-faces can be from members."
"about-faces can be from ideas."
"about-faces can be from dates."
"about-faces can be for places."
"about-faces can be for ministers."
"about-faces can be for governments."
"about-faces can be for attractions."
"about-faces can show people with policies."
"about-faces can show people as opportunists."
"about-faces can rob people of things."
"about-faces can threaten with frosts."
"about-faces can show with policies."
"about-faces can show as opportunists."
"about-faces can rob of things."
"about-faces can be for governments."
"about-faces can be against uses."

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