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1. one of the original or earliest known inhabitants of a country or region.

2. (initial capital letter). Also, Aboriginal. Also called Australian Aborigine. a member of the people who were the earliest inhabitants of Australia.

3. aborigines, the original, native fauna or flora of a region.


"There can be aborigine settlements."
"There can be aborigine groups."
"There can be aborigine villages."
"There can be aborigine talks."
"There can be aborigine files."
"There can be aborigine societies."
"There can be aborigine postmans."
"There can be aborigine people."
"There can be aborigine matches."
"There can be aborigine languages."
"There can be aborigine hunters."
"There can be aborigine homes."
"There can be aborigine dances."
"There can be aborigine concerns."
"There can be aborigine compensations."
"There can be aborigine campaigners."
"There can be aborigine accesses."
"aborigines can be in places."
"aborigines can be on dates."
"aborigines can be in people/places/organizations."
"aborigines can visit people at parliamentarians."
"aborigines can settle claims to sites."
"aborigines can settle claims in returns."
"aborigines can settle claims in places."
"aborigines can settle claims in aids."
"aborigines can settle claims for totals."
"aborigines can settle claims for titles."
"aborigines can receive treatments at expenses."
"aborigines can support places on rights."
"aborigines can see people to harmonies."
"aborigines can see people as obstacles."
"aborigines can say lands at hearts."
"aborigines can say lands at cores."
"aborigines can receive treatments from governments."
"aborigines can claim things over ownerships."
"aborigines can claim places as dice."
"aborigines can burn flags in protests."
"aborigines can ask places for heads."
"aborigines can accompany people of years."
"aborigines can visit people in/at/on springs."

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