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The fourth stomach of a ruminant, which receives food from the omasum and passes it to the small intestine.
  1. 'The abomasum, known as the true stomach, normally lies on the floor of the abdomen, but can become filled with gas and rise to the top of the abdomen and become displaced.'
  2. 'This ensures that during suckling milk is channeled directly to the abomasum bypassing wasteful ruminal fermentation.'
((n.) Alt. of Abomasus)

noun, plural abomasa[ab-uh-mey-suh]/ˌæb əˈmeɪ sə/(Show IPA)

1. the fourth or true stomach of cud-chewing animals, lying next to the omasum.


"abomasums can be in numbers."
"abomasums can be as people/places/organizations."

Late 17th century: modern Latin, from ab- ‘away, from’ + omasum (see omasum).

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